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ReNuBlok can help you accumulate Leed Points!

ReNuBlok is an environmentally friendly product designed and manufactured exclusively by Cement Products & Supply Co., Inc. We are excited about helping you obtain additional LEED points in your future LEED projects, and ReNuBlok has many attributes to assist you.

As our industry becomes more focused on sustainable development and LEED projects become more prevalent and in some cases mandatory, ReNuBlok will become an important part of your LEED projects, and you will want to include ReNuBlok in your specifications.

ReNuBlok is manufactured using a mix design that contains a very high percentage, by weight, of "post-consumer recycled concrete material" and 1.5% "pre-consumer recycled material" for use in the manufacture of our ReNuBlok. In addition, all materials used in the manufacture of our ReNuBlok are regional materials, in that they are extracted, processed and manufactured within a 500-mile radius of our plant.

As you can see by the test data, ReNuBlok meets the standard for ASTM C-90, Type II, Grade N, meeting this standard for use as a load-bearing, exterior, non moisture-controlled unit. In addition ReNuBlok has an equivalent thickness of 4.00", and meets ASTM E-119 standard for a fire rating of 2.0 hours.

There are a number of ways our ReNuBlok can help you accumulate LEED points in each of the following LEED credit categories as stated in NCMA TEK 6-9B:

1) Energy & Atmosphere Credit-Optimize Energy Performance
Concrete masonry has excellent thermal storage due to high thermal mass and specific heat. Masonry walls remain warm or cool long after heating and air-conditioning have been reduced.

2) Materials & Resources Credit-Building Reuse
Concrete masonry is an exceptionally durable material, with a life cycle measurably longer than many other building envelope products.

3) Materials & Resources Credit-Construction Waste Management
Intact and unused masonry units can easily be returned to our facility and redirected to other projects.

4) Materials & Resources Credit-Recycled Content
Cement Products & Supply Co., Inc.
ReNuBlok enhances the ability to accumulate extra LEED points by containing a very high percentage of post-consumer recycled concrete material.

5) Materials & Resources Credit-Regional Materials
All materials used in the manufacture of
ReNuBlok are extracted, processed and manufactured within a 500 mile radius of our plant.

Additional advantages of ReNuBlok and concrete masonry include: lower embodied energy compared to steel and aluminum, lower lifetime maintenance due to durability and long life, reduced potential for mold as concrete masonry does not provide a good food source for mold, as well as increased fire safety.

Thank you for your interest in ReNuBlok. We feel it is a superior product in today's environmentally-conscious community. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at (863) 686-5141 or mail@cementproducts.us

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